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Character Background

This is a background for my character in Randy's upcoming game. Her name is Kaelynn Vondersaar and she's a first level wizard specializing in divination. I plan on eventually taking the Loremaster prestige class. We are playing Pathfinder 3.75 rules and the campaign will take place in the Forgotten Realms. View her stats and character sheet here.  I got the original character sheet from JamesTheBard.Net.

Grandparents – Ultan Vondersaar & Cyby (Thecla) Vondersaar
Parents – Owen Vondersaar & Cyrica (Pelerines) Vondersaar
Uncles – Gerard, Agilus, Robert
Cousins – (Robert’s children) Vodalus (sons: Oscar, Peter, Thavian); Drotte (sons: Eric, Alton); Rubius (sons: Zachary, Alexander), Thomas
Brothers – Jax, Severin, Nessus, Douglass, Talos, Simon
Nephews – (Jax’s sons) Gordon, Aston, Dalus; (Severin’s son) Colby; (Nessus’ sons) Randall, Jonathan; (Douglass’ son) Wolfe

Kaelynn is the seventh (and youngest) child of Owen & Cyrica Vondersaar (deceased). Her paternal grandparents settled in Harrowdale when her Uncle Gerard was just a boy & before her father Owen was born. Her mother, Cyrica, is from Cormyr. She was actually a Zhent slave and was rescued by Uncle Gerard and Uncle Agilus. She intended to return to Cormyr and accompanied the party back to Harrowdale where she met Owen. Cyrica did go home to Cormyr but she and Owen maintained contact and eventually she came to live in Harrowdale & they were married. Cyrica has several sisters (Agia, Lynn, Marawyn) and brother (Douglass) still living in Cormyr. Both of her parents (Kaelynn’s maternal grandparents) are deceased.

The Vondersaar family presence is very big in Harrowdale. The Vondersaar name begins with Gurloes, a paladin of Tyr. It is believed that Tyr blessed Gurloes to produce only male offspring for performing a great act in the name of Tyr. There is a rumor that Cyrica had an affair and that is why she had a girl. There is also a rumor that Kaelynn is actually the daughter of Gerard & Cyrica and that Tyr showed his disfavor by making the child a girl. Both are rumors that Owen denies and Kaelynn’s brothers will fight anyone who questions her parentage. Kaelynn strongly favors her mother’s dark looks while her father and all of her brothers are blonde.

Her Uncle Gerard is a wizard of some renown in the Dales. He adventured with Agilus, a cleric of Tyr. Agilus was killed during the rescue of Cyrica and several other people being held as slaves by the Zhents. Both her father Owen and her Uncle Robert are cattle ranchers and they help to run the business that Grandpa Ultan established. There is talk among the family that Grandpa Ultan was an adventurer when he was younger and that he moved to Harrowdale with his wife Cyby to settle down, however Grandpa Ultan never discusses his past.

Her brothers Jax and Severin help out with the cattle business. Nessus is a cleric of Tyr and he lives in Mistledale with his family. He comes home to visit during most holidays. Douglass is a butcher and he runs a shop in Harrowdale Town. Talos is a ranger and Simon is a mercenary who works with caravans, escorting them through the various dales. Neither one of them is home very often nor are they married and do not have children.

It was a tradition of her father to send Kaelynn and her brothers to stay with Uncle Gerard, who had a home in Battledale, for a few weeks during the summer. This is about the only time that Gerard would stay in his home, spending the rest of his time adventuring. It is during one of these summer visits that Kaelynn met an older man with dark hair. She remembers very little of this visit but she remembers him telling her that she was very special and that he would be waiting for her. After that, she began to exhibit magical abilities. It was also at this point that her Uncle quit adventuring and moved back to Harrowdale. Whenever Kaelynn has asked her Uncle about the dark haired man, he will change the subject or divert her attention with a new spell or lesson.

Owen never liked the idea of Kaelynn practicing magic and forbid her from using it in the home. He did not however, forbid her completely from using magic. At the age of 16, Kaelynn was sent to a school of wizardry in Cormyr, outside of Suzail, paid for by her Uncle. While in Cormyr, Kaelynn got to meet her mother’s family and became very close to 2 of her cousins, Amanda and Persephone. Kaelynn’s mother died in child birth and her grandmother had died before she was born, so she had never had a strong female presence in her life. Her father treated her just like her brothers and so she grew up learning how to herd cattle and clean out the barns, just like her brothers. Meeting Amanda and Persephone gave her the opportunity to have the sisters that were never born to her.

Kaelynn did not make many friends the year that she was away at school. She was teased for being for being awkward, rough, and plain. She would usually respond to such teasing with fists, as she did while growing up with 6 older brothers. Her teachers despaired of ever making a “proper wizard” out of her. During a particularly bad incident, Kaelynn was surrounded by several of her peers, who began to jeer and taunt her. Kaelynn picked the biggest and meanest of the group and began to fight with him, hoping that if she beat him into submission the others would leave her alone (her usual tactic). Unfortunately, this time the group responded by ganging up on her.

When she awoke in the infirmary, she saw that she was restrained to the bed. After screaming for several minutes, a cleric came in and told her that she had been restrained because during the fight she had unleashed a bolt of pure magical energy, injuring several of the classmates who had been harassing her and nearly killing one of them. She had been restrained because she had seemed to fall into some sort of rage and lashed out at anyone that came near her. The professors had tried stunning her or putting her into a magical sleep but she seemed to absorb their spells. She was finally subdued when Anskar, the headmaster of the school, was able to physically knock her out.

The cleric told her that she would remain restrained until Anskar had examined her and determined her to no longer be a threat. Several hours later she awoke to find Anskar and Uncle Gerard standing over her. She was informed that she was being expelled from the school because she was too great of a threat to the other students. Her Uncle Gerard was being charged with her tutelage from this point forward and that he would need to find someone who was familiar with Spellfire* to instruct her in its use. Her Uncle Gerard told her that she would be living with him upon their return to Harrowdale. He also told her that it was not her fault that she had been expelled and that there was no shame in what had happened.

That night, Kaelynn dreamed of an amulet made from a large piece of topaz carved to resemble an owl and placed into a setting of sliver. Later that day, while visiting her father, he told her he had a gift for her. It was the amulet that she had dreamed of. She learned that it had belonged to her mother and that Uncle Owen had given it to her mother after freeing her from the Zhents. When she asked Uncle Owen why he had given the amulet to her mother, he replied that he had discovered it among the treasure of the Zhent that had owned her and he considered it retribution for her servitude. He would speak no more on the subject after that. Kaelynn realized that the amulet was of a special nature and that she was able to use it as a focus to recall any one of the spells she knew.

Kaelynn and her Uncle have spent much of the last 3 years looking for someone to teach her how to use Spellfire. Kaelynn has had dreams and visions of a tome that could hold the key to her knowledge but has yet to find it. Her Uncle told her that it could be at Candlekeep but in order to gain admittance, she must find a book that the gatekeeper would find worthy. During her time with her Uncle she also learned that she had a knack for divination and has chosen to focus on the school.

*Randy, the DM, has decided that my character will have the spellfire ability for reasons to be divulged at a later date.

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