Sunday, January 09, 2011

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I've already broken my resolution to eat better but I think I'm doing better about not beating myself up too much.  I do pretty good with breakfast in that I'm actually eating breakfast and it's generally healthy.  You can't really go wrong with oatmeal.  Lunches were easy because I'd have a salad & that's pretty healthy, too.  We did pretty good when we went grocery shopping last weekend so we really only have healthy food in the house for dinners.

I'd also have a couple of healthy snacks during the day & it helped to appease my hunger, although that first day was pretty rough.  I'm using an app on my iPhone called myfitnesspal that tracks my daily food intake & I only had 1400 calories the first day.  The app has it calculated that I should get around 1800 a day.  I decided to try and reach my goal of 1800 calories the next couple of days & it helped out with not feeling so hungry by 8 PM.

But then we decided to order pizza for dinner one night & I ate way too much of that & we had left overs so I had it for lunch the next day, as well.  I also ate way too many Doritos & a couple of peanut butter cups when the guys came over on Friday to play Vampire.  We bought some appetizers to have on Saturday during the football game & our dinner consisted of taquitos, pizza rolls, & chicken strips - so not good for you but it tastes so good!  I didn't bother logging my food in on the iPhone app and the stupid thing narced on me.

It's a new week & I did much better today although the bacon popcorn that I had at Rob's house probably wasn't good for me even though I didn't eat a whole lot of that.  It's hard to resist the unhealthy snacks that are usually present at the table during Vampire and D&D, although the bacon popcorn was my fault.  I just have to learn to limit the amount I eat & to not get frustrated and give up when I don't reach my goal for that day.

I also resolved to start playing D&D again and today was the first time I've played since August.  The guys decided to quit playing City Of The Spider Queen because it was insanely freaking hard - the module is basically a TPK with every encounter.  The module is designed to take at least 5 PC's from 10th level to 18th but how any of them survive long enough to make it that far is beyond me.  Add to the fact that when I dropped out back in August, it left only 3 PC's in the party plus an NPC cleric that Rob was running.

Randy & Rob have been playing around with bringing back a character of Rob's named Raven.  Rob has played her from 1st level up to an epic level - I want to say 24th but I could be wrong.  We had toyed around with a mini-campaign to get Raven out of Hell (she ended up there after the last game session - long story) & I played a fallen angel who was trying to redeem herself by helping Raven escape Hell.  Randy ran it for me & Rob but we only played one or two sessions.  I'm not sure why we didn't finish our little escapade because I know Rob & Randy love that character & the whole story line that goes with her.

The new game we started today has Raven out of Hell but with no memory of who she is or where she is from.  We're playing gestalt characters of first level & mine is a witch/ranger - those two classes compliment one another very well.  Her name is Saoirse (pronounced SEER-sha) and she's a young girl from a good & loving family.  Her parents are a bit superstitious when it comes to arcane magic and have tried to keep her away from it but when she meets an old hedge witch, Saoirse jumps at the chance to learn magic (hence the gestalt classes).

Saoirse and Stanley, Al's character, have been traveling together for some time and once we finished what we had set out to do, we booked passage on a ship to return home.  That night we eat dinner on board the ship & when we wake up, our ship has wrecked and we have been stranded on the beach along with the other PC's & 6 NPC's.  I can't really talk about too much more without giving some stuff away in the game but it should become somewhat apparent with the next game session, so I'll blog more about it then.

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